Atlanta, GA
I first heard about Attorney Sessoms from a radio ad, I was having some immigration problems and I decided that I should seek guidance with my issues. I had past issues including a border encounter from when I first entered, so I did not think I would be eligible for any kind of relief, I certainly didn't think I'd be eligible for a possible United States permanent residency status and one day citizenship. In my first consultation, she explained to me that I would be eligible for a U-Visa. When I started my case she provided me with a checklist and a questionnaire, she always kept me prepared for my applications and let me know everything up front. In time, she not only helped me obtain my U-Visa, my wife was also eligible as a beneficiary and she helped us both received approved applications. This is a route to citizenship in the United States, and Attorney Sessoms is who helped us from the start. She is an excellent attorney, I have already recommended her to many of my friends as she has helped us so much. We're very thankful for her that she helped us with our case, without her we don't know how we would have received any immigration relief. She was always honest with us about the good and bad parts of our case, and she always kept us well informed as to what was missing or when the applications were being sent, as well as any updates on our case. I know that we will be coming back to Attorney Sessoms should we have any legal problems, and we would recommend her to any of our friends or family members.