Atlanta, GA
Hello, my name is Sophy. I was detained by ICE in November 2011 on a drug charge and was recently release. I won my case by filing Cancellaion of Removal. I was facing deportation at the time until I hired Attorney Sessoms. She advised me that I had a good chance of winning my case. She was very honest and sincere. I would recommend Attorney Sessoms to anyone who is going through Immigration. I hired her while I was still in the custody of Cobb County. I wanted her to get an early start on my case before I was transferred to ICE. She informed me on everything I needed to know about fighting my case and Immigration Laws. By the time I was at ICE she already filed a motion for a bond hearing. Even though it was denied due to my charges, Attorney Sessoms was already on it. She worked with my family while I was in ICE custody to make sure all the proper paperwork was filed and finalize. Her support team are very great at what they do. Her investigator is very helpful and go out of the way to make things right for their clients. Upon my trial, Attorney Sessoms and her investigator made the trip down to Ocilla Ga. to prep me. She made me feel very comfortable and confident in winning our case. She's always well prepared inside the courtroom and the Judge always seem to like her also, which is a plus. Once again I would recommend her to anyone who is fighting an Immigration Case. For those who has financial hardship like myself I was able to work out a payment plan with the firm. I will not hesitate to use her again.