As rideshare services like Uber and Lyft have become more and more popular, accidents involving rideshare drivers have become more common. Whether you are the victim of a rideshare accident while an Uber or Lyft passenger, or while driving in your own car, questions about who is responsible and how you can be compensated for your injuries and/or damage to your property are likely to come up. An experienced ridesharing accident lawyer from Sessoms Law Office, LLC can help you figure out who is liable in your rideshare accident, and what compensation you might be entitled to. Call our Atlanta office today at 678-853-7402.

In a Ridesharing Accident, is the Individual Driver or the Rideshare Company Liable for Damages?

Who is liable in a ridesharing accident can be a very complicated question. Whether the driver’s own insurance or the company’s insurance will be paying your personal injury claim depends on many factors, such as whether the driver was logged in to the rideshare app at the time of the accident and whether he or she had accepted a ride request. In some cases, the individual driver will be responsible, and in others, the company will pick up the tab. A skilled personal injury attorney can help you sort out the details.

What Compensation Might I Be Entitled to in a Ridesharing Accident?

If a rideshare driver or company is the cause of injury to you or damage to your property, the rules of personal injury law apply. In a personal injury lawsuit, compensation can be sought in four categories: medical bills, lost wages, other related expenses, and pain and suffering. Each of these categories requires a different kind of documentation. The first three categories are easy to determine, as there will be medical bills, paystubs, and receipts that show the exact dollar amounts of the expenses incurred. For pain and suffering, however, it pays to consult an experienced personal injury attorney to determine fair compensation.

Do I Really Need to Hire a Lawyer for My Rideshare Accident Case?

In most cases, a personal injury lawsuit resulting from a rideshare accident is not a case of you against the Uber or Lyft driver. In most cases, you will be seeking compensation from an insurance company with a sharp and aggressive lawyer or team of lawyers who hope to deny you the compensation you deserve. The personal injury attorneys at Sessoms Law Group, LLC are sharp and aggressive, too, and we want to help you in your rideshare accident case. Call today to level the playing field. 678-853-7402